[thelist] Another test, delete.

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Wed Jun 28 18:37:33 CDT 2000

Another, just trying to get things ironed out here, so apologies :)

Umm, btw, I'm moving the evolt lists to a new server! It will let us
interact with the evolt website about a million times better and play
with the Oracle DB where all the fun stuff is. We're all about
integration ;)

So, I may be posting a couple tests here tonite just to make sure
everything works(believe it or not, moving a mailing list with 850
people on it isn't as easy as it looks ;).. The only thing anyone should
notice is a slight lapse with DNS(YMMV) and a small ripple in the
space-time continuum. All your preferences(digest, etc) will hopefully
*ahem* stay the same :)

If they don't, I have it written down in a notebook who's on the digest,
who's not, who gets the MIME version, who gets plain text, and all the
encrypted passwords.

So I'll stop blabbering now and go make it work

thanks for your patience :)


Anthony Baratta wrote:
> "Daniel J. Cody" wrote:
> >
> > Moving the mailing lists...
> I was just beginning to  wonder what those guys in overalls from the moving company
> were doing in my house. Now I know. ;-)
> Just don't break the china.

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