[thelist] Multilple forms to one result

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 28 21:36:14 CDT 2000

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> From: elkay
> I have 4 linear form pages. Each collects information ofcourse.
> I'd like to move the results from each page to the next, finally ending with
> all information entered in the previous forms.
> Question: How best to do that?
> I was thinking creating a delimited string from one form and passing it as a
> hidden field to the next then split the final. Perhaps writing results to a
> text file and appending the next form results and read at end.

don't need to do that... using hidden fields, you can move it along, as .redstar said, in one 

at the top of your script, define your variables as requests:

<% FieldName = Request("FieldName") %>

then in your script, just stuff that variable into your hidden fields:

<input type="hidden" name="FieldName" value="<% = FieldName %>">

one easy way to handle it would be to include your hidden fields in a different SUB per page, 
then call the SUBs you need, easing the hassle of managing your hidden fields...

> The goal is just to send the results from each/all form pages via email
> using CDONTS.

no problem, just request all your form fields and send 'em off...

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