[thelist] making a pdf file link download

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Wed Jun 28 21:51:45 CDT 2000

Then there's the predicament of some users, like me, who have recently upgraded
to Acrobat 4.0, and now have to deal with the fact that lauching the Reader app
from a PDF file open causes a PDF interal file error in the Reader.  Saving the
file, then opening the Reader, then accessing the saved file, works.

Have not yet figured out why the helper app launch of Reader causes the PDF file
error, don't have to to research it, and therefore anyone who gives me a
"download PDF file" option gets a big long-distance mental hug from me -- saves
me one click, and when I'm tired, saves me the frustration of remembering, after
the fact, that the Reader helper app launch no longer works.

Peggy Daniels wrote:

> Why make them go through two steps?  Because, at least up until last year or
> so, Acrobat had a not-very-well-publicized file size limit for files that it
> would open automatically in the browser.  If the file was too big, clicking
> the link would produce nothing but a blank browser window -- no error
> message indicating what the problem was.  I have no idea if this has since
> been fixed, or if it was even considered a bug in the first place.  It's
> been a while since I worked with PDF....
> Peggy Daniels
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Heather Quinn
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