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Madhu Menon madhu_news at postmark.net
Thu Jun 29 00:45:11 CDT 2000

> is there a general request 'object'?  in ASP, i can request a form 
> field, or anything really, depending on how i request it:
> Request("inputname") gets me the value for 'inputname' whether it's 
> embedded in the URL or sent as a form field...

And if you do Request("inputname"), the order in which the variables
are searched is: QueryString, Form, Cookie, ClientCertificate,

Best to always specify what you want though.

<tip type="IIS 5.0" author="Madhu Menon">

IIS 5.0 comes with a lot of registry settings pre-tweaked to improve
performance like buffering being turned on by default. However, to
take advantage of this, you have to do a fresh install of Win 2000. If
you upgrade your existing Win NT 4.0 installation to Windows 2000,
your earlier settings will be retained.



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