[thelist] Whatever happened to High Five?

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Thu Jun 29 16:16:21 CDT 2000

Fear not, Babble is still alive and well.  There was a big server switchover,
and the list was down for two weeks.  I doubt that PC is providing a Babble link
on their site right now, though maybe they will some day (and I'm so irritated
at having no Babble for that 2 week period that I'm not gonna go to their site
and look).

Anyway.  Here's the Babble admin URL that's current:


l a u r a *^* l y n c h wrote:

> A couple months ago they announced that they had been taken over by Project
> Cool and would be integrated. The Babble list was supposed to continue (and
> did, for a few weeks). I haven't heard anything from them or had any success
> in finding out what happened to the list for about a month. Too bad, it was
> a good list. Nothing like our happy little list here, of course, but still
> good.
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> > Anybody know what happened to highfive.com?

Heather Quinn
hgquinn at attglobal.net

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