[thelist] CF hosting - multiple domains on one account

isaac forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Thu Jun 29 21:04:23 CDT 2000


Just a quick question regarding CF hosting. I'm currently with a place that
provides unlimited domains/email/FTP/DSN/etc for one small monthly charge, and
it's been pretty bearable. Unfortunately, the occasional downtime is not making
customers insanely happy.

Does anyone know of a host that runs an automated system that allows multiple
sites per account?

Most places seem to want to charge US$50/month per domain which is too high for
alot of my smaller clients. Virtual space is not a huge issue - most of these
small sites only need 5MB, so I can cram them in on my current host.

I don't expect anything to compare to the price my current host charges, but I
need something midrange that stays up most of the time. ;)

If there aren't hosts allowing multiple domains per account, are there any
decent CF hosts providing good deals for about 20MB space per account? I can
easily shift my main clients up to more expensive hosts, and keep the smaller
ones on cheaper hosting plans and just let them know to expect the occasional

Most places charge for 100MB+, and most of my sites don't require even a quarter
of that.


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