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Thu Jun 29 23:37:38 CDT 2000

At 13:20 30/06/00 +0930, you wrote:

>"WorldSite.WS is a privately-held company."

yeah, so is Melbourne IT

>Anyway, at least does provide some Samoan 
>information, linking to to lure visitors. New Zealand.  heh.

Why go sit in a grass hut, when you can sit in a grass hut with 2Mbps internet?

> > >Don't start a fight now - I'm only a few hours away by plane. ;)
> > Yeah, and the flights are cheaper than internal ones!
>Don't encourage me, wormboy! ;)

Okay.  So long as you're more trustworthy than your cricketers.

> > What crap?  Give examples of crap in other countries.  And how do you think
> > this crap has harmed that country's internet industry?
>Ease of cybersquatting.


>  Registering a .com requires an email address.
>Registering a requires a registered business or company. 
>Registering a business or company requires a physical (not a PO Box, etc) 
>address. Makes it easier to track domain owners for legal purposes.

What legal purposes?  So that you can sue their arses for trademark 

> > You're better off just drawing two circles.
> > </tip>
>You call that a tip?? :P JK

You call that a flame?

> > ___________________________________________________
> >       oliver.lineham
>isaac forman -

lamer.  you don't even have the balls to have an uncensored domain?

and don't even get me started on ou^H^H your hosting provider!


<tip type="audio">
Cabling your sound card to your stereo system can make for a much more 
pleasant working environment. ;)   Just be careful connecting a powered 
output (spk out) to a stereo's line input - the impededance difference can 
ruin your stereo.

dammit, that sucks.  umm..

<tip type="you'd lose your head if it weren't screwed on">
if you've lost your mobile phone, call it.  if you can't hear it ring, panic.
now, i want someone to invent a wallet i can phone too. would save me so 
much stress.

this is going downhill.  let me try again

<tip type="breaking free of the websafe straitjacket">
Try - it's free.

To simulate non-websafe colours, Colormix generates two-colour or 
three-colour "swatches".  You pick the real colour, it will generate the 

Caution 1: three-colour can start to become visible, but two-colour is 
usually ok.

Caution 2: these sorts of dithers can *sometimes* cause problems with 
antialiased images, or narrow line designs.

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