selling out (was Re: [thelist] TLD's)

Anthony Baratta Anthony at
Fri Jun 30 00:04:15 CDT 2000

Oliver Lineham wrote:
> <tip type="you'd lose your head if it weren't screwed on">
> if you've lost your mobile phone, call it.  if you can't hear it ring, panic.
> now, i want someone to invent a wallet i can phone too. would save me so
> much stress.
> </tip>

Unless you are really lame like yours truly. I put my cell phone in my lunch bag
because I had too much to carry into the office and I didn't have a belt clip/holder
for the phone. Guess what? I put the lunch bag into the refrigerator (and the cell
phone). I called my phone twice - knowing I brought it into the office - but couldn't
hear the phone ring, obviously.


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