[thelist] Whatever happened to High Five?

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Fri Jun 30 00:11:03 CDT 2000

Not to point out the shortcomings of anyone else, but its something I've
noticed over the last couple months.. A site/list/whatever has to move
to to a different server and the site/list/whatever has a serious
shutdown/outage/whatever for an extended period of time, or shuts down

Whats the big deal in moving a site/list/whatever? Not to toot our own
horn, but the evolt lists(along with 1000+ members in all) moved to a
new server(on a different network to boot) within 3 hours, with almost
zero interuption(except me blabbering on about the move ;) during the
process. Actually, I'd bet that 95% of people didnt even notice the

Sites that complain about technical problems in such obtuse workings as
'a big server switchover' need to a.) get there shit togther b.) hire
someone that can do it for them c.) be a bit more honest with their
members d.) give me a case of beer and let me change some DNS records
for them and copy some config files to the new server.

Again, not to toot our(my) own horn here, but(and i'm sure others can
tesitfy) it doesn't take two weeks to move things to a new server.
IMNSHO, it just signifies a lack of having ones shit together. Its to
bad that lists that are geared towards more techincal people of the web
have to mask their shortcomings with 'big server switchovers' and

Sorry for the rant, but its bothersome that communities that preach
about turn around time and being on top of things can handle a simple
task in such a $#@!ed up way.

Tip to follow for my rant :)


"H. G. Quinn" wrote:
> Fear not, Babble is still alive and well.  There was a big server switchover,
> and the list was down for two weeks.  I doubt that PC is providing a Babble link
> on their site right now, though maybe they will some day (and I'm so irritated
> at having no Babble for that 2 week period that I'm not gonna go to their site
> and look).

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