[thelist] NSI Auctions Domains

Tim Stewart tstewart at gisca.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Jun 30 02:45:33 CDT 2000

Thanks anyway for the help, James. Sorry your email strategy faltered, and
that you got your wrist slapped for giving away trade secrets! I shall check
out the domain buyers guide in detail, as this is an area I'm getting more
into on several fronts. If NSI are contravening some guidelines, is there
any way we can bring them to book? A concerted response from the community
of web profis? Just a thought.

The .com.au people in Melbourne seem quite good - much better than a crowd
here in Adelaide who stung one of our directors for nearly 800 bucks for a
domain rego!

Thanks again, and I've checked the To: box :-) (How on earth DID you manage
to get that to go wrong, BTW?)

Tim Stewart
tstewart at gisca.adelaide.edu.au

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