[thelist] RE: [] Cross browser fonts

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 30 06:23:27 CDT 2000

Jake wrote:
> Ack! Please don't use Chicago or Charcoal! Chicago is an ancient menu 
> font 
But universally available on Macs

>and Charcoal is a new menu font and imho they're great for that 
> but a little too bold for most purposes.
True, you'd need to use them in small doses.
>Geneva is a uniquely Mac san-serif font and works 
> great at 0.9em or about 10px. Palatino is a good choice for a 
> uniquely Mac serif font. :)
Palatino is a real print font. Like most print fonts (Times included
btw) it's not good onscreen.

> Thanks for the suggestions. We vociferous minority Mac users do love 
> getting some attention ;)
Indeed we do

Martin the most at home on Macs but will use other platforms (even Windows if it's essential) as necessary

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