[thelist] Whatever happened to High Five?

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Fri Jun 30 07:19:59 CDT 2000

How 'bout politics?  The people performing the move are humans, there may be issues
around the move that have nothing to do with the server itself, severs cost money,
politics always intrude when money and more than one person are involved.  Evolt seems
to be a special case, no?  Exceptionally well-managed, for one.

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:

> Not to point out the shortcomings of anyone else, but its something I've
> noticed over the last couple months.. A site/list/whatever has to move
> to to a different server and the site/list/whatever has a serious
> shutdown/outage/whatever for an extended period of time, or shuts down
> altogether.
> Whats the big deal in moving a site/list/whatever? ...
> .djc.

Heather Quinn
hgquinn at attglobal.net

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