[thelist] RE: [thesite] Cross browser fonts

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 30 09:29:41 CDT 2000

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> I need to know what is a good substitute for "verdana" that is common on
> a mac. Would it be Arial? Or Helvetica? Or maybe something else?  Any
> suggestions welcome.
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> Helvetica is what Arial was derived from by M . So that's your best bet.
> Its
> what I use as well...

But the difference is that Helvetica was designed for print (there wasn't any alternative at the time), whereas Arial was designed for onscreen use.

MS didn't do it's own version just so it didn't have to pay license fees in every copy of Windows; Helvetica basically doesn't have high readability on a 72/96 dpi display.


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