[thelist] Need some input on how a page looks on a Mac using IE5...

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at Brown.edu
Fri Jun 30 10:21:46 CDT 2000

At 9:42 AM -0500 6/30/00, Mark Van Baale wrote:
>Hello. I would appreciate it if some people could please look at a page we
>are working on at our company with a Mac with IE5. Here is the address:
>Please take a look at the links on the left and how long they take to load.
>Also, click on them and see how they work and if they move smoothly. Please
>let me know the browser and version number you are using when you look at
>this page and what type of Mac you are using. Thank you very much.

Using a PowerMac G4, IE5, and I'm not getting the menu. It's never 
loading. Version number is 5.0 (2022).

On the same Mac using NC 4.73, works fine. A little slow loading (a 
few seconds at first), so that I didn't know it was supposed to do 
anything until moving up the bars caused the other options to start 
to move.

Julia Frizzell
julia_frizzell at brown.edu
glyneth at netspace.org
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