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Madhu Menon madhu_news at postmark.net
Fri Jun 30 10:29:15 CDT 2000

Daniel Cody wrote:

>Whats the big deal in moving a site/list/whatever? Not to toot our 


>Sites that complain about technical problems in such obtuse workings 
>as a big server switchover' need to a.) get there shit togther b.) 
>hire someone that can do it for them c.) be a bit more honest with 
>their members d.) give me a case of beer and let me change some DNS 
>records for them and copy some config files to the new server. 

I absolutely agree. It is very much possible to move everything to a
new server, test it to see if it works, and then change the DNS
records. I've moved a server with 10 domains, 400 mail users, several
databases, some 30+ DSNs, few Index Server catalogs, and several
thousand HTML files all in one day. When everything was tested, we
changed the DNS records. Bingo, everything worked properly
(thankfully). Yes, it took some time before the DNS changes were
propogated across the Internet, but nothing more than that. 

So, like .djc says, what's the big deal with these big downtimes? 

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Hmmm... I think I owe another one

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