[thelist] Need some input on how a page looks on a Mac using IE5...

tim at fudgehead.com tim at fudgehead.com
Fri Jun 30 11:09:56 CDT 2000

> Using a PowerMac G4, IE5, and I'm not getting the menu. It's never
> loading. Version number is 5.0 (2022).
> On the same Mac using NC 4.73, works fine. A little slow loading (a
> few seconds at first), so that I didn't know it was supposed to do
> anything until moving up the bars caused the other options to start
> to move.

I got pretty much the same deal on my G4 running IE5.0. One difference
though. The first time I tried it, it stalled at Applet Loaded and stayed
there. I reloaded the page and the menu came up albeit slowly. I refreshed
again and the menu didn't come up. It worked just fine in NS4.73 for me too.

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