[thelist] Whatever happened to High Five?

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Jun 30 13:55:26 CDT 2000

something to consider (after reading it in someone else's account):

They were hacked. They had to rebuild from scratch. And they moved across
town. Being hush hush about it is smart. (this is *speculation* I have no
idea why they were down so long)

or, they merged, and didn't have their shit together. Or their server took a
major shit (heh, damn designers. don't know a damn thing about server
maintenance and the reality that hard drives to die a sudden, painful death
after running non-stop for four+ years).

either way, I'm with you, just trying to speculate legitimate reasons

think safely

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> From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:dcody at oracular.com]
> Not to point out the shortcomings of anyone else, but its 
> something I've
> noticed over the last couple months.. A site/list/whatever has to move
> to to a different server and the site/list/whatever has a serious
> shutdown/outage/whatever for an extended period of time, or shuts down
> altogether.

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