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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Fri Jun 30 14:19:36 CDT 2000

<TIP AUTHOR="Anthony Baratta" SUBJECT="Running VBS Scripts from Explorer">

Even with all the crap surrounding VBS email file attachments, they can serve some
usefulness as a better batch file programming language than DOS-y command files. In
fact properly constructed VBS Scripts can access your databases, mail you reports,
and move/manipulate files for you.

I stress the term "properly constructed" and make sure you have a test box to vet the
scripts BEFORE you put them on a production box. You see, once started it is nearly
impossible to stop the script from executing. In fact if you screw up the logic and
have an infinite loop - you'll have to reboot the box to clear the script.

I've tried to 'kill' the script by shutting down processes via Task Manager - but
have yet to find the right combination of processes that kill the script with out
severely affecting the OS itself. If you know, let me know.


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