[thelist] Something a little bit strange...

Gina K. Anderson ginakra at one.net
Fri Jun 30 16:42:39 CDT 2000

Hi all,

Um, could you guys tell me whether this is normal or not..

I just signed up with a hosting company which will remain
nameless. Not long after I sent my sign up form in and got
my "welcome" letter, my ZoneAlarm firewall started going
nuts, giving me pop-notifications that the firewall has
blocked Internet access to your computer (UDP Port xxxxx)
from xx.xxx.xx.xxx (UDP Port xxxxx). I had 36 pings in a
matter of 2 1/2 minutes, all from the same number, same UDP
port on their side, all different on mine.

So I'm thinking I have some kind of really determined
hacker, and I go look up the DNS, lo and behold, its the
hosting company domain name...I look up the IP and get
Company, Inc/company.com with the first 6 numbers the same,
but remaining numbers different. So I go to company.com and
it looks like a web hosting automation service that provides
software to web hosters.

Now I'm kinda new at this whole firewall and IP/DNS lookup
thing because I just got cable access, but what's up with
THAT? Is this normal and why would they have to ping my
computer/IP address, which is dynamic I think? This is the
first hosting company I have signed up with, but I have
never heard of this before. Am I just a newbie and this
happens all the time?? :P


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