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oh dear.

two faux pas' in one week...

i'm really sorry, this was supposed to go to the *admin* list...


tips... lots of 'em...

<tip type="Photoshop">
If you want to preview a feathered selection in Photoshop, switch to quick mask mode.  You 
can now easily feather the edge by using gaussian blur (which has a preview) and then 
switch back to normal mode.  You can also use levels and curves in quick mask mode to adjust 
the blur.  Pilfered from David Blatner.

<tip type="Photoshop">
To precisely position a lens flare in Photoshop 5, set the info palette measurement units to 
pixels, move your cursor to the spot in which you would like the lens flare to appear, and note 
the X and Y coordinates from the info palette.  Choose Filter > Render > Lens Flare and opt/alt-
click on the crosshair that appears on the image preview and type in the numbers you 
recorded from the info palette.  Pilfered from digitalmastery.com.

<tip type="Freehand and Photoshop">
Are you one of those Freehand users who longs for the drag-n-drop support that Illustrator 
offers with Photoshop?  Well, fear not.  You can drag-n-drop *and* copy and paste from 
Freehand to Photoshop.  Make sure your export preferences in Freehand are set to 'Convert 
Colors to: Photoshop 4/5'.  If you are an InDesign user, you'll be happy to know you can drag-n-
drop to InDesign as well.

<tip type="ImageReady 2.0">
Want to turn a series of images into an animation?  Some 3D modeling packages will output 
animations as sequentially numbered images, and some animation and video editing packages 
will also output as sequentially numbered files.  In ImageReady 2.0, use the 'Import Folder as 
Frames' feature.

- Make sure all files are in one folder.
- Name the files in alphabetical or numerical order, starting with the image that will be frame 1.
- File > Import > Folder as Frames, select your folder, click Choose.

Note that the first image determines the size of the entire animation.  Larger images than the 
first will be cropped.  All images will be aligned to the left side of the frame, so keep that in mind 
for smaller images.  Ideally, however, you should make sure your images are all the same size.

If ImageReady 1.0 had that, it would have made this image 
(http://dalba.com/images/spinlogo.gif; requisite 3D spinning logo that at least one client requests 
when you're in this biz long enough) much easier to do and maybe saved me half an hour.

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