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vidman design vidman at starnet.com.au
Fri Jun 30 21:44:44 CDT 2000

Thanks for the comments...

> Looks great, but uh out of curiosity... What do you care if we like it
> not?? We ain't buying it...  :-)

Im not looking for pats on the back.. im just curious what other
designers think and also if the site breaks for anyone (which apparently
a few pages do on a mac NN4.7)

> Well, maybe because I found a few faults (viewing on a Mac) that no 
> one else seems to have spotted? I emailed vid with the screenshots I 
> took of the few pages that had problems, and while I ruined his 
> weekend [sorry vid!:( ], I hope to have made the site a better one. :)

Exactly Julia... well put!

> in the text talking about the Honda cbr900rr
> "manoeuvring " -- should be maneuvering

This has been fixed. The text refered to is cut-n-paste from the
official Honda Australia site...tut, tut ,tut...

> Pretty nice actually. A few coding anomalies (see below), but most
> of them are just iCab being picky. Watch out for tag nesting - you
> have a few closing tags without opening ones.

Yeah.. thats what you get for building a site with FrontPage98 (yeah it
know it sux but its all I can afford..im about to get Deamweaver3). I
"should" get in and go through all the code but for now Ive had enuff of
working on this site seeing as Im getting paid so little.

> I'd also take out the frames and any mention of 'click here' (except
> possibly in image alt attributes) - you don't need either.

Well the target audiance is kinda computer dumb (they are into bikes..
not computers!) so frames keep navigation simple and easy and "click here"
tells them where to click (trust me.. ive whatched them online and they
havent a clue what to do unless its tells them where to click!!!)

> I'd also make the subtitles (eg "Looking for Leather") links as
> well as having them in the paragraph body.

Hmm.. good idea.. might do that.

> I'd also be tempted to start losing the <font> tags and doing it
> all through stylesheets. IE has had CSS font styling back to 3.01 
> and Netscape has had it since V4 (3 years back nearly).

As Im using FrontPage98 atm it tends to do weired stuff with yer code so
I havent bothered learning CSS as FP would just make a mess of it im
sure- will learn it for DW tho.

As most of you can see- im a designer first and a coder last. I know
that I have a lot to learn and I will get there and I must say that it
shits me up the wall having to get my hands dirty with code *sigh*

I just wanna design pretty things... *grin*


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