[thelist] Anchor puzzle

Czechowski, Aaron aczechowski at towson.edu
Sat Jul 1 10:50:08 CDT 2000

i use anchors a lot, and i've noticed the exact same annoying behavior, but
have learned to live with it.  one thing i've found works in some situations
(for example, where I need to send the user back to the top of the page), i
just use the following snippet of JS:

  if (window.scrollTo)
  document.write("<a href=javascript:scrollTo(0,0);>top of page</a>");

it's quick and doesn't dork up the title

i suppose if you have your page layout nailed down very precisely, you could
use this in place of anchors.  better make sure those vertical pixels are
accurate in all browsers, though!

aaron  :)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin B. O'Brien [mailto:obrienk at ccaa.edu]
> On a page that uses anchor tags to get around, I just noticed that IE 
> changes the page title when you use a hotlink to a specific 
> part of the 
> page. Is that just a known weirdness of IE, or is there 
> something I should 
> do to the code to prevent this?

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