[thelist] Tip 'O Day....

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Jul 1 13:14:35 CDT 2000

"Warden, Matt" wrote:
> > I've tried to 'kill' the script by shutting down processes via Task
> Manager - but
> > have yet to find the right combination of processes that kill the script
> with out
> > severely affecting the OS itself. If you know, let me know.
> I've had success with ending WSCRIPT.EXE. That's the windows scripting host
> process, which runs the script. Hacen't had any problems with it affecting
> the rest of the OS, and it really helps when you do something stupid like
> omitting a rs.movenext in a do while not rs.eof loop.

I did that - but it didn't stop the script. Kept filling up the SMTP queue with test
messages (hundreds and hundreds). Luckily they were all going to me. ;-)

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