[thelist] database eating brain...

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jul 1 14:45:35 CDT 2000

>TABLE: school
>    schoolID
>    name           (pk)
>    districtID     (pk)
>    ...
>that's how i'd do it. of course, you could go cheap and just make each of
>the IDs the pk, but the more I learn more about data modeling, the more I
>think that's a waste of a primary key.

hi matt

in the school table layout above i think name and districtID are actually
foreign keys and the schoolID would be the primary key

it *is* possible, in fact it is common, for a table to have a pk consisting
of fks -- you gave a good example with

> TABLE: genGoal_Grant_Link
>     genGoalID  (PK)
>    grantID    (PK)

this type of table, which implements a many-to-many relationship, will have
a foreign key to each of its parents, and both fks together would be the
primary key

david, did any of matt's suggestions help you?  he had a couple of pretty
good observations...

you asked in your original post "Am I overcomplicating this? Is there
enough information here to explain what
I'm trying to do?"

perhaps after digesting some of matt's ideas you might want to write back
and let us know if you still have further questions

nice subject line, btw


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