[thelist] Geocities & cookies in email (WTF)

Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Sun Jul 2 08:50:30 CDT 2000

IT sounds as though they are taking the DoubleClick approach, and requesting
an image in the html from their server.  The request is actually dynamic,
and sets a cookie when it returns the image.  Normally this is done so that
if you were to visit one of the links, they would know you were responding
to the email, or the ability to capture that you can read HTML mail, or

I know of no way to turn it off.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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Yesterday I received an HTML formatted email from Yahoo/Geocities.
At first I forgot about it, but it keeps coming up top of my inbox
and now it's rattled my cage once too often, so I've got to ask...

I had a Geocities site 2 years ago, but  haven't touched it since
attempt to seize my copyright early last year.  I used to receive the
Geocities World Report newsletter in plain text format but  I
unsubscribed in September.   Besides being 25kb, I believe the new
SPAM attempted to set 2 cookies (as I did not have IE open at
the same time), although now I cannot find any likely cookie setting
or reading code in the source of the message.

Is this possible?  Am I hallucinating?  Is my memory going? Is this a
nasty new devilment [to quote my spell-heckler]?  Or what?

I use Cookie Pal to monitor cookies in IE, (its option to never accept
cookies from certain sites by simply checking a box when one comes in
is ultra handy) and generally I refuse all cookies (including 100s of
CFTOKENs, CFGLOBALs and CFIDs) without any noticeable detriment to my
surfing (but maybe I just don't know what I'm missing ;)

Is there a similar app for monitoring/rejecting cookies set by email?



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