[thelist] Geocities & cookies in email (WTF)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 2 12:18:23 CDT 2000

whenever i get HTML mail to my Outlook boxen, i open it off-line...

the last thing i want is for some me-specific ID to be passed back to the server so they know i 
can read HTML mail, especially since i *never* request HTML mail from anybody, and do 
everything i can to bozo filter it...

so, no you can't beat it unless you open it off-line... hell, at work i've been to take my machine 
off the network for a few minutes... after all, some luser could have stuffed some virus script 
into one of them, and Outlook is only too happy to run it...

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chris Evans
> IT sounds as though they are taking the DoubleClick approach, and requesting
> an image in the html from their server.  The request is actually dynamic,
> and sets a cookie when it returns the image.  Normally this is done so that
> if you were to visit one of the links, they would know you were responding
> to the email, or the ability to capture that you can read HTML mail, or
> both.

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