[thelist] how not to build sites

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 2 23:59:48 CDT 2000

today i offer up for sacrifice:


i really thought it was a parody at first... "it's so elegant in it's 
humor," i thought...

linear navigation, FireWorks slices, goofy photos (a guy in an apron 
for customer support?), web development packages (by the page), 
the swoosh in the logo, cookie-cutter sites, .gif-text, etc... i mean, 
c'mon, just how much parody could they fit in one site?

i also just noticed it on http://fuckedcompany.com/, verifying my 
fears that it's *for real*...

or, at least it *was* for real...

you know, this is how i celebrate July 4... i exercise my freedom of 
speech by bitching about bad design and implementation... i'm sure 
that's what they had in mind, too, when they wrote up the bill of 
rights... bitch bitch bitch, all without being shot by a king...

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