[thelist] RGB/CMYK to Pantone

James Drinkwater james at guntrisoft.com
Tue Jul 4 09:26:49 CDT 2000

open your picture in Photoshop.

sample the colour with the eye dropper tool.

click on the colour in the tools palette

the colour picker will pop up

click the custom button and Photoshop will 
show you the pantone colour palette and highlight
the colour which is closest to the one you sampled.

James Drinkwater
(james at guntrisoft.com)

Guntrisoft Ltd.
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Canary Wharf
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> Hi Evolters.
> I repainted this merry little logo of ours and now the print department
> wants me to tell them the pantone color I used. Unexperienced with that
> whole print thingie I seem to be unable to do a RGB/CMYK -> Pantone
> conversion. How is it done?
> Thanks,
> Niklaus.
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