[thelist] Site Evaluation - Crush Kill Destroy + URL

dante dante at vianet.net.au
Wed Jul 5 11:52:13 CDT 2000

Thanks muchly.
I appreciate all the feedback people.
I'll let you know when I worked on it a bit more.

    > you can find it here:
    > http://members.evolt.org/jeff/code/preload_n_rollover/
Thanks I'll try it out.

    > why not put the contents of an ssi into a separate js file as well?
I understood N4 to ignore all .js files after the first - am I wrong?

    > >The images load up very fast (esp. on N4.6) but there seems
    > >to be a lot of activity after they are all in the cache.

    > care to elaborate?
There seems to be a slow down in processing when I first access the page
with IE5 (& an emptied cache).
Also I get the hourglass mouse icon for a while, even after all the images
are preloaded.
I thought that there might be an error & it was trying to load a file not
found - but they all checked out ok.
I'm still getting an odd lag in the rollover swap - odd because it doesn't
seem to happen all the time.

I really have to catch up with Javascript - I've been concentrating on Flash
& Director instead.


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