[thelist] Creating a website for South/Central America

F Joseph Mako jmako3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 02:42:27 CDT 2000

Thank you for your help in deciding what languages to
originally offer with the site launch. The way I am
currently setting it up is like the way www.3m.com has
(with languages instead of countries), if the language
is not listed, they request it, and easily change
between languages. If a visitor notices a problem in
the translation, I'll create a friendly way for them
to report it, and of course I fix it with a quick turn
around time.  (I hope they will understand, since this
is a USA based company, and I am human)

Right now process is what is important to me.  I am
currently working on the site map and structure;
content is only a concept right now.  In the following
weeks, I'll focus on the text content and
translations. Content is not less important, I totally
believe in things said in this article:
(By Julia Hayden, posted on A List Apart)

I want to make this a pleasant experience for the
visitors, although I do not know all the dynamics of
creating an international website. Peter offered good
advice, although, its not a possibility at this time:
> You'd probably want to do some testing with
> nationals from the respective countries.
> Do I see a company-sponsored trip on the horizon
> there ....?

Since I am a relatively new website creator, I hoped I
could draw on other designer’s experience in creating
international websites.  So, please can someone direct
me to places where I can research this further or
offer advice on design issues related to international

Thank You and Regards,
Joe Mako

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