[thelist] Re: Centering (was: Whitey Must Pay)

David Nicholls nicholls at u030.aone.net.au
Thu Jul 6 03:25:25 CDT 2000

Ron White wrote:
> You are wrong.... I just made a quickie page, http://edverify.com/test.htm
> that has the align=Center in the table. It centers the TABLE, not the
> contents of the table, which is what I thought in the first place. To
> compare I also made a <div align=center> with a table right below the above
> table. They are identical and NOT using the div saves on typing and
> bytes.... There's also a right align below the center aligns just to show
> that the align in the table has NOTHING to do with the contents of the
> table, only the table itself...

This is a perennial question, and started at least three years ago with
Netscape 3.  N3 on the Mac didn't accept div align="center" as I recall,
so, despite <center> being deprecated quite early on (HTML3?), you still
had to use <center> for N3 Mac users.  N4 seems to accept all three

I put up a brief test page in 1998 which I just went looking for and
it's still there, that illustrates the three ways of centering a table
on a page using standard HTML (no CSS) (as distinct from centering text
with ragged left and right edges).

If you're curious, see
http://www.home.aone.net.au/byzantium/test/center_test.html  (but don't
worry about reporting the results!)


David Nicholls
Nicholls Communications
nicholls at world.net

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