[thelist] Liquidity

vidman design vidman at starnet.com.au
Fri Jul 7 01:00:16 CDT 2000

> The real trick is to set the fixed width columns to:
> 	width="-1%"
> and fill them with the spacer gif.
> Then use:
> 	width="100%"
> for the expandable cell.
> Saves you mixing px and % in table sizing (which Netscape often doesn't like).

Sometimes this doesnt work out right either in Netscape 4 and 3. 

Take a look at the following site i just finished, in Netscape 4.5 and 3 PC
(dont know about mac). 


The thin grey line that borders each page (the one with the rounded
corners) is strangly 1px wider on the right hand side 3px instead of

This is after using -1px with a spacer gif. I got so fed up with it I
gave in and resigned myself to it being 1px too wide in Netscape. 

Such is life hey?


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