[thelist] Liquidity

vidman design vidman at starnet.com.au
Fri Jul 7 03:10:25 CDT 2000


> make sure you have hspace="0" on all your commonimages/1x1trans.gifs -- you
> did this on some of them but not on the one giving you problems

Opps.. missed a few did I? Grrr...

> personally i wouldn't trust netscape to understand width="-1%" (you got
> this from oliver, right?) but it looks to be working everywhere except that
> 3px grey column

Actually I got the -1px from another guy called George Dillon (Hi George!!).

> damn fine liquid page, dude


> i like your nav bar too

You mean the top and bottom one or the one to the right on the "HOME"

> also the colour (i love creative use of colour) -- caramel headings and
> yellow links

Hmmm.. Caramel? Looks orange to me *shrug*

Thanks mate.

vid :)

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