[thelist] New TLD .eu (info from websoup)

Lotta Fjelkegård lotta at xpedio.com
Fri Jul 7 06:44:55 CDT 2000

The following info is snipped from European WebSoup:

*** Net Users Give Thumbs Up To "dot-eu" Domain Name
The European Commission says it has received strong support from the
Internet community for the creation of the "dot-eu" domain name to boost the
use of e-commerce in Europe.
According to the Commission, the limited alternatives available in Europe
have given rise to companies and individuals, seeking Net registrations in
the US-based existing Top Level Domains (TLDs), in particular the dot-com
prefix. This is becoming increasingly congested, has become a handicap for
European companies and SMEs preventing them from fully taking advantage of
e-commerce opportunities in Europe, says the Commission.
At the same time, the Commission says it believes the adoption of the dot-eu
domain name would improve the interconnection and interoperability of
European companies and organisations.
Find the full press release, at: I'm Europe,

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