[thelist] Content

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 7 16:25:45 CDT 2000

> From:  Kingorbitao at aol.com
> I'm looking to add my content to my website, Prontaiville: 
> http://prontaiville.bizland.com , but I don't really have the time to

what is it?  the damn frames never stopped loading, and no content 
ever appeared...

> sit down and write it and create it myself and I don't just want to
> plug into those cheesy, commercialized syndication services so I was
> wondering if any of the other developers on the list would like to
> consider forming a collective "content pool"? I don't know if anyone
> has ever heard of this sort of thing or has ever participated in
> something like it.

you mean like evolt.org?

yeah, i've heard of it, and yeah i've participated in it... and hell, 
you're in it, too...

check the site, *that's* a collective content pool...

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