[thelist] I need input from some people checking a site using a Mac....

Mark Van Baale mark at geonetric.com
Fri Jul 7 17:10:59 CDT 2000

Hello. I need some people to check this site:
using a Mac with Netscape 4.0. Please take a look at the links and move over
them with the mouse or click on them and see how they work. I have heard
they move very slow or do not show up at all. Now, the code behind this page
is Java applet code and we took it from www.steelers.com. Our client has
said if they go to www.steelers.com, the links (on the left) move just fine
in Netscape 4, but not with the javamenu.html page we have. All we did was
use the steelers.com java applet code and just substituted the code we
needed for our links. Please let me know what you find out and if you have
any ideas. Thanks.


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