[thelist] Netscape 3 testers needed

Peter-Paul Koch ppk at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 9 10:06:09 CDT 2000


I'm currently trying to solve the mess that surround the implementation of
Date.getYear() in Netscape. To do this, I need some testing of Netscape 3.

Therefore, if you possess and old Netscape 3, please go to


Date and Time => Date and Time under the head 'The year' on the middle of
the page and tell me what year you see after

Your browser gives the following years:
The year according to getYear(): 

Is it 100 or 2000?

I'm *especially* looking for Netscape 3 on MAC and LINUX, so if you possess
one please help me.

Please send the year you get to me PRIVATELY and note your OS and the exact
version of your Netscape 3.

Thanks in advance,


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