[thelist] re: site makeover

Mark Rogers mrogers at mail.ocis.net
Sun Jul 9 11:06:57 CDT 2000

Thanks for the helpful replies to my request for feedback on my web site
makeover at http://www.southam.com/kamloopsdailynews/test  Most concerns
revolved around the size of the body text. I've decided the solution is to
take out references to font-family and font-size in the style sheets for the
P and BODY tags. That way body text will default to whatever people have set
up in their browser's preferences -- presumably something they're
comfortable with.

As an aside,though, I'm a bit puzzled because I had always thought -- and
maybe someone can correct me on this -- that text appeared *larger* in
Windows. (I'm using Macs.)

On a related subject, I later tested the site with IE 4.5 for Mac and found
that the DIV tags weren't automatically putting in breaks like they did in
IE 5 and NN 4. I could fix this for IE 4.5 by adding breaks but it would
ruin the layout for the other browsers. I got around it by replacing the DIV
tags with SPAN tags and putting BR tags where necessary. This fixed the
problem but it seems more like a workaround than good coding.

Has anyone else come across this problem? It may be a uniquely Mac IE thing,
but I have the type of site that has to appeal to as broad an audience as

Mark Rogers

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