[thelist] Good alt texts [was .gif texts]

vidman design vidman at starnet.com.au
Mon Jul 10 09:43:39 CDT 2000

> That leads me to a question that ocasionally pops up in mind on
> late-night coding sessions: What sort of alt-texts is one supposed to
> use for spacer images, bars and similar graphics to support text and
> audio browsers? "A spacer gif"? "A bar"?

and then...

>  just 
> us a blank alt and the browser will skip it... after all, why describe a 
> spacer .gif to someone who can't see it?
> <img src="foo.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="">

I might be missing something here but why have an alt tag for a spacer.
gif at all? Why not just-
<img src="foo.gif" width="1" height="1">

All those little <alt=""> just add up to bigger page sizes..

vid :)

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