[thelist] starting a website

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Mon Jul 10 14:13:34 CDT 2000

We do pretty much the same around here. We use tracing paper a lot in
mocking up possible designs before moving to the computer environment.
Knowing something about the client's audience certainly has some impact.
Also, looking at competitors can sometimes be of help, and getting URLs of
what the client likes is definitely a good idea if they're talking a
completely new (re)design. After the paper phase, I personally comp in
Illustrator and Photoshop (mostly PS), and the rest follows as Aard.
described below. 

We supply the client with a style guide for each site (defining colors and
dimensions, among other things), work up a content outline with the client,
as well as define a design brief for the designers and client alike (usually
the designer meets with the client and the project manager).


> ----------
> From: 	aardvark
> - quiz client on likes/dislikes/etc... get a feel for what their 
> preferences are...
> - get their corporate identity materials to look at colors, logos, 
> fonts, layout, style, etc...
> - white board sketches with guys...
> - photoshop prototypes posted as .jpg files for client review...
> - build out via quick-n-dirty slices and then rebuild all HTML by 
> hand...

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