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Erin - 

Its because its coming through as both plain text and html(you're
sending two formats)

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> If the color is coming across as red and blue then your color
> settings must
> not be high enough because it's not supposed to be a sharp
> red, it's actually
> suppposed to be a non-painful orange color.

The colors are painful from here, and unfortunately, you can't expect
everyone to calibrate to your monitor -- try using colors from the web
palette (http://www.lynda.com/hexh.html) if you want to have more
over what people see.

> calling people nerds I'm sorry. But I also think that many
> people on this
> list take it extraordinarily to serious and need to spend a
> few less hours at
> the keyboard.

This is not a social list.  Sure, the people who've been here awhile may
spend *some* time playing, but it's primarily a list for getting things
done, so please help keep it on topic.  (I read it from work even on
crazy-busy days because there's almost always something useful for
what I'm doing and because it's such a low-fluff list.)

BTW, I don't know what's making my posts bounce -- I've messed with
Outlook's preferences -- sorry for the MIME crap.


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