[thelist] Good alt texts [was .gif texts]

Comharsa comharsa at clara.net
Tue Jul 11 14:35:51 CDT 2000

From: "Aylard JA (James)"
> When would you really want to do this? In most cases, just one alt
> attribute with an appropriate descriptive word or phrase is sufficient.
> graphics where alt text is undesirable (such as a spacer gif), an empty
> string (meaning alt="", and *not* alt=" ") prevents the major browsers, at
> least, from rendering a tool tip while still allowing the page to
> As Aardvark suggested earlier, such a straightforward approach seems best
> all the way around.

Personally, I don't like the way ToolTips appear over graphics, I would
rather they appeared as intended without something obscuring them. But the
alt tag is necessary for those surfing without images etc. This way both
options are dealt with.

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