[thelist] Mac Help needed ASAP! Thanks..

George Donnelly gsd at mac.com
Wed Jul 12 18:46:31 CDT 2000

i took a look at this in IE5 for the mac and it worked perfectectly. oops
the second level of the menu loaded but was not visible.

with ie4.5 the pop-up did load behind the water image. other than that there
were no problems.

in nn4.7 the first level of the popup loaded with the page (over the water
image) and would not go away.

in nn6 pr the button for news flashed yellow then red, off and on. the one
for Why T&K stayed green and the menu did not load at all .


george at cyklotron.com
The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in
what we are free not to do. --Eric Hoffer

> I need help with this site: http://www.tkroofing.com/home.html. I appreciate
> your input and advice in checking the site. The menu I am having problems
> with is the menu that pops up when you mouseover the  "Why T&K" button on
> the left side just under "Emergency". In Netscape 4.0 on the Mac, I have
> been told the menu loads when the page loads, when it should not show until
> you mouseover "Why T&K". Also, when you mouseover other links on the left,
> "Careers, Resources, etc." the pop-up menu should disappear, but does not.
> It is always on the page, when it should only show when you mouseover "Why
> T&K" and disappear when you mouseover other links "Careers, Emergency, etc."
> Let me know if that is what you find in Netscape.
> I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it in IE4.5 and/or IE5.0 if
> you have those browsers. We are having most of our troubles with IE. In
> IE4.5, the menu comes up when you mouseover "Why T&K" button, but it is has
> a transparent look to it and loads behind whatever is in front of it,
> whether a picture, etc. Also, you can't mouseover the links at all on the
> menu to use them. Check some pages for these problems and let me know what
> you see and any advice you may have. Also, please check it in IE5.0 and let
> me know what problems you see with the menu, etc. The pop-up menu should be
> aligned with the "Emergency" button. Thank you very much.

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