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Palyne Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Thu Jul 13 00:59:22 CDT 2000

Sorry I forgot to retitle my initial reply, didn't realize he'd sent 
with 'no subject (bad boy!).

One small note I forgot to make Jay.  If the people telling you this 
are DBAs for a living and you're fairly new to the field, it's worth 
listening to them... they probably know what they're talking about.  
Unlike many job titles, DBA cannot generally be held for any length 
of time based on BS or good luck.  If the issue is that you don't 
want to hand your entire project and work to be an appendage to 
someone else's, see what you can to do consolidate your own work so 
you can keep it yet have less multiplicity.

FWIW, Palyne

On 12 Jul 2000, at 12:50, Jay Turley wrote: 
> My team was just told that the ratio of indexes to information in
> our database design was too high. 

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