[thelist] Appleshare missing environment variables

James Spahr james at designframe.com
Thu Jul 13 16:07:08 CDT 2000

on 7/13/00 3:59 PM, Tony Grimes at algrimes at ucalgary.ca wrote:

> Appleshare just suck?

Umm, well the web severing part is um ... well less than complete and has a
few bugs.

The file server is excellent.

> Is it possible to run a separate
> log creation program concurrently with Appleshare to get all the needed
> info for our stats? TIA

checkout http://opendoor.com/ , they may have something.

Also the ASIP advanced setup app has some esoteric settings that might help.
Its been about 2 years sine I used the web part of the product, so I can't
really remember if its possible to change the log format.



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