[thelist] urgent advice/help please

Neroli neroli at hotkey.net.au
Thu Jul 13 20:35:45 CDT 2000

Hi all you clever people.
I have an off list question I hope someone can help me with please.
I have a CD of data which now shows up as audio and I am unable
to retrieve the data which is very important and has been requested by our
police regarding an online stalker who has threatened my family, friends and
The offender has copied hundreds of my sites writing abuse and threats on
them placing them online in her own name.
Death threats, threats she has hacked my hard drive, abusive emails etc and
the list goes on.
Our Australian Police are now acting on this (after three years!) and now I
need this information on this CD and it can not be read.

Is there some way I can retrieve this information or is it lost forever?

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.
Thanking you.

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