[thelist] javascript and SSI

Michael Fritz fritz321 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 14:17:17 CDT 2000

Why not just replace "<!--#include virtual='/include/myway.txt'-->" with the 
text that you want to include?


>I'm trying to include a small piece of text using SSI but I want it's
>inclusion to be dependant on a browser detect.  In simpler terms,  I want
>to detect whether or not the viewer is using a 3.x browser or a 4.x browser
>and then include the file only if the browser version is 4.0 or
>above.  Here is what I've come up with but it doesn't work:
><!--  to hide script contents from old browsers
>var bName = (navigator.appName);
>var bVer = parseFloat(navigator.appVersion);
>         if (bVer >= "4" )
>	var go = "<!--#include virtual='/include/myway.txt'-->";
>         if ((bName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") &&
>(bVer >= "4" ))
>	var go = "<!--#include virtual='/include/myway.txt'-->";
>         if (bVer < "4")
>	var go = "";
>// end hiding contents from old browsers  -->
>	document.write(go);
>If I replace the "<!--#include virtual='/include/myway.txt'-->" with
>"Jamie"  it will write Jamie to the screen but it will not write the
>include.  I suspect that I'm going about this entirely incorrectly.  Can
>someone help?

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