[thelist] simple question (I hope): chat

Theodore Serbinski need-4-speed-ski at erols.com
Sat Jul 15 17:41:49 CDT 2000

> Hi, I'm making a quick and easy chatroom since my boss is taking away the
> ICQ's and I need to be able to chat with my friends right?
> so:
> 1: how do I make a page in a frameset refresh to the bottom of the page
> (now every time it refreshes you start at the top of the page)
> 2: how do I make the cursor go straight to a textbox so you don't need to
> click on it.

1. Is this going to automatically refresh the page? Couldn't you just put an
anchor at the bottom of your page:
 <a name="bottom"></a>
and than do in javascript:

Should work. I'm a little shaky tho on the syntax of the javascript part but
if it doesn't work you could might want to try (or do this instead of the

Just some ideas hopefully one of those will work.

2. Start with:
 <body onload="findform();">

And using javascript:
  function findform() {

Hopefully those should work. :)


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