[thelist] You are being Screwed Again!! - the head lemur speaks out

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 16 15:23:20 CDT 2000

> From: "the head lemur" <lemurs at extremezone.com>
> Comments?
>  http://www.lemurzone.com/edit/converse28.htm

you've done a good job pasting a link into an email.

...oh ! on the article?

well, grammar, spelling, and punctuation aside (which is the 
hallmark of the joe-gone-reporter style of the web), it's not bad...

i don't know that i'd list Opera as one of the three major browsers... 
i get more Lynx hits than Opera... hell, i think WebTV is tied with 
Opera, but i'd have to run the latest logs... back in 1998, when you 
cite the WSP founding, i had a *lot* more hits from Lynx than 
Opera... in fact, after a quick run-through, Opera was almost non-
existent in my logs...

and for the Mac, there *is* iCab, as you know, which makes an 
effort to demonstrate standards be showing deviations from them 
on sites...

you should also link to Section 508 of the Workforce Investment 
Act since your paraphrasing is a little imprecis IMO... also, there 
still isn't any caselaw to say that it does "carry the force of law in 
the United States."  a technicality, i know, but still true... how 
many US government sites have conformed?  hell, even AOL isn't 
inclined to support its blind users without a lawsuit, and as one of 
the largest portals to the internet, you'd think that they might be 
willing to dump their proprietary interface and just make a local web 

either way, not bad, but conveniently lacking in supporting links 
outside of the self-supportive W3C and WSP links... oh, and the 
bash MS link (which i think is very funny, btw)...  i'm the kind of 
person who likes to check the data myself...

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