[thelist] New TLDs on the way .. for better or worse.

George Donnelly gsd at mac.com
Mon Jul 17 06:08:41 CDT 2000

once we get into the game of deciding *who* should be allowed to open *what*
tld's it turns into a power game; it gets political. once you give in and
accept the concept of a regulatory sceme, It doesnt matter whose regulatory
scheme is *best* or *most efficient* or *fairest* (whatever these words
mean), it just depends on cash and "pull". whoever has got the bucks (min
50G's in this case) and the connections will have a shot at setting up their
own NSI.

if there are no regulatory limits on tld's then the value of a given domain
name goes down. if there's only .com then everybody wants one and there's
only one business.com etc etc. if there are 20 or 30 tld's or more then they
become less special.

and i never said it should be free to register names :-)

george at cyklotron.com
When you come to a fork in the road, take it! --Yogi Berra

> domain speculators have proven by their very actions that an unregulated tld
> is a tld full of domain names owned by speculators and the lucky few that
> get in early.
> unfortunately it would be nice to have a free and unregulated tld, but only
> as long as there were still decent domain names available.  after that it'd
> be the same mess we have now, the only difference being it'd be a bunch of
> domain names attached to a not-so-recognizable/memorable tld.

New TLDs could be restricted to countries only. IE, if the US sees that
there is
a desire for .MUSEUM, then they can add it as .museum.com.us

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